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Gift Ideas

Completely blank on what gift to get this time? Relax! We creatively package gift ideas and send you three package options, in very quick turn-around time depending on your requirements. Complete our 60 second questionnaire and let get this sorted as quickly as possible.

Gifts for Him or Her

Experience Ideas

Totally blacked out on how to wow him/her this time. Relax!! We've got you. We painstakingly package bespoke experience ideas for you and delivered to you asap, depending on your timing requirements. Complete our 60 second questionnaire and let get this sorted as quickly as possible.

Experience for Him or Her

Our Services

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Gift Shopping

Short on time or ideas? Let us happily take care of the burden. We work with your bespoke budget, source for the perfect gifts that answers to your requirements, package and creatively deliver (where required) to ensure that ‘breath-taking receiving’ moment.

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Experience Package

What is an experience if it does not deliver the desired ‘Wow’ effect? We pride ourselves at accurately understanding your requirements and packaging a knock-out combination of event elements that pulls together to create the memorable experience, never to be forgotten.

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About Us

Romantic Genie (RMG), we are driven to find the most creative way to enhance your romantic experience and bespoke gifting service offering. Haven worked in the branding and marketing communications industry for over a decade, we are all about delivering the cutest and most memorable knock-out moments and experiences.

Experience our bespoke gift and experience service packages, personal shopping, events packaging offerings and heart-stomping creative gift delivery executions that would leave you weak at the knees. We create concepts, source, package and creatively deliver. We are sworn to keep the romance fire burning one relationship at a time.

Welcome on board... let’s do this.


Our creative delivery service promises jaw-dropping excitement and suspense each time. We pride ourselves on squeezing out every possible "wow"’ emotion out of our the receiving client.

How It Works

Option 1

1. We source for your gifts
2. We package your gifts
3. We conceptualise delivery strategy
5. We execute delivery concept
7. We capture ‘wooow’ moment on video
8. We send you your video

Option 2

1. You source
2. You package
3. You deliver to us
5. We conceptualise delivery strategy
7. We execute delivery strategy
8. We capture ‘wooow’ moment on video

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